The Top 10 Snapshot Spots around Bakersfield

The Top 10 Snapshot Spots around Bakersfield


1) Bakersfield Arch (Sillect Ave. at Buck Owens Blvd.) is a replica of the original arch that spanned Union Ave. It was rebuilt here by Buck Owens using the arch’s original letters.

2) Beale Memorial Clock Tower (3801 Chester Ave.) is a replica of the original that was located in the intersection of Chester Ave. and 17th St. It was destroyed in the 1952 earthquake.

3) Mill Creek Covered Bridge (Central Park, 21st St. just east of “R” St.) built in 2009, is the scene of many weddings and community events. 

4) Guthire’s Alley Cat Sign (1525 Wall St.). A 75-year old neon icon beckons revelers to a Bakersfield dive bar institution.

5) The Big Shoe (931 Chester Ave.). A 30 ft. long, 20 ft. high giant shoe with a shoe repair shop inside. Really.

6) Kern Veterans Memorial (Truxtun Ave. and “S” St.) honors the service and sacrifices of local veterans who died in battle.

7) Mill House (601 17th St., 17th and “R” sts.) is on the site of a former flour mill, and its water wheel generates electrical power from the waters of Mill Creek.

8) Woolworth’s (1400 – 19th St.). The distinctive signage still adorns this 1939 Art Moderne building that now houses an antique mall and the timeless luncheonette, serving lunch until 4PM.

9) Korn Row (behind Rabobank Arena on “N” St.) is dedicated to local world-famous band Korn.

10) Ethel’s Old Corral (4310 Alfred Harrell Hwy.) Wagon wheels on the roof, horses tied up out front, and a towering Native American nearby.


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